Client: Aqualife

Category: Water Filtration System

Deliverables: Web Design, Web Development

Technologies: WordPress, PHP, JavaScript


Aqualife is a supplier of coolers and clean water throughout Brooklyn, NY. It is a company with many years of experience in the industry, established business, and a network of loyal customers. In 2019, Aqualife decided to create a website – an encyclopedia of water processing, water purification and use. The Web Idea got the task to change the current website to be convenient for the visitor to navigate in the ocean of information and media files. We decided to make a completely new website that would allow Aqualife to easily manage the back-end, update or add text & media information to the website. Finally, we got an excellent results:

  • A website with plenty of information & resources, but easy to navigate owing to the thought-through navigation of the website.
  • A website that sells and advertises company’s primary products and services.
  • A website that matches the brand’s corporate style and its mission; helps to earn more sales of goods and services.